A Forensic (Fact-Based) Analysis of History


We, the members of the human race and dominant inhabitants of a little blue speck of cosmic dust of a world called 'Earth,' are in a very dangerous situation.

Our world is divided into a large number of entities we call 'countries,' that fight each other for the rights to 'territory' or other rewards, in the same basic manner as the fights of lower animals like wolves, hyenas, and apes. These 'wars' are not unforeseen events that somehow descend on us without warning in the same way that hurricanes and earthquakes happen. They aren't unpredictable activities that surprise everyone when they break out. Each of these individual entities has leaders that plan these events decades or even generations in advance.

They are normal, natural, and totally expected consequences of the operation of the societies into which we were born.

The people who put together these activities extract fantastic amounts of wealth from the people of the world to pay for them.



Here is a quote from the World Economic Forum Website:

What is the price of peace? 

Around $14.4 trillion in 2019, according to the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) which crunched the numbers.  That’s about $5 a day for every person on the planet.

To give some context, 689 million people - more than 9% of the world’s population - live on less than $1.90 a day, according to World Bank figures, underscoring the potential impact peace-building activities could have.


But the economic costs are far from the only costs. They create misery and death. They force governments to subsidize destruction of the only world we have, so they can get more resources to turn into more weapons. The biggest cost is the risk cost: Wars can escalate at any time into a war with weapons capable of wiping out the human race. If there is just a one percent chance of this happening every year, the cost is 1% times 'the value of existence itself' per year that passes.

This is a strange situation. It doesn't seem like the kind of system that a group of intelligent beings who are trying to create a sound society would intentionally create. It must not have come to exist as a result of the super-intelligent beings of the planet Earth getting together to sort out all options for societies of thinking beings, sorting them, finding the best one, and putting it into place.

It must have come about some other way.

What way?

How did this world situation come to exist?

What set of events set us on this path we are now on?

This is vital information.

In many ways, this is the most important question faced by the human race today.

If we want a better future—or any kind of future at all—we need to understand exactly where we are in our path through time and how we got here. We need to understand our past. We need to understand history.

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